Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hillary Swank

On the set of "New Years Eve.

Hale Berry

This Photo was taken on the set of the Garry Marshall film "New Years Eve".  I was booked to play an orderly for four days.  Little did I know i would be working in close quarters with Ms. Berry and Mr. Robert Deniro.  This was the last day of filming and also the last day for Ms. Berry.  "Thats a wrap for Halley." The Director said and there was great applause.  I was undecided if I should bother her. I wanted to be "strictly professional".  Everyone on set wanted a photo it seemed. Before all the Technicians (Lighting, props and grips) flooded her for photos I asked her assistant if I could ask for a photo.  He said sure and took my camera iPhone from me.  I approached her and asked her "Ms. Berry is it ok If I take a picture?"  "Absolutely" she answered and pulled me close to her.  I was overwhelmingly flabbergast and tried hard to smile without screaming for joy. i thanked her and she smiled and said "Thank you, your welcome."  Then right behind her appeared Hillary Swank who exclaimed "And no-one wants my picture?"  And we all laughed and began to take pictures with her.