Saturday, June 29, 2013

Glen Close

LUGO and Glenn Close 

  I first met Glen Close at Robert Redford's Sundance Theatre Lab.  I was in a play reading with her for the play "Sixteen wounded by Eliam Kraiem.  Eliam was my house mate in the Sundance Utah mountains which was vast and once housed former Lab participants Jessica Tandy and James Edward Almos.  Kraiem was so anxious and glad his play was finally being read aloud for the first time.  Glen was so gracious, regal and borderline mother like with me.  We each read Three plays in Three weeks along with greats Carol Burnett, Tyne Daly and Director Michael Mayer.  The National Foundation for advancement in the arts (NFAA or youngarts) sponsored me and I was chosen to participate because of my Alumni status.  Durring my Junior year in Performing Arts High School I spent one week in Miami competing for a Presidential scholarship in the Arts.  I won a merit scholarship to the University of Texas Austin.  Today youngarts offers close to One Billion Dollars in grants and scholarships and even the honor to perform for the President of the United States simply by applying here

Soon after the summer ended Glen Close warned me that she would be coming to see me in my show on Broadway.  I smiled and said thank you but did not think she would actually come.  One night after the show's backstage buzz which included Madonna on one night, Billy Joel, Ashford and Simpson and many others I finally saw her, Glen Close who with motherly arms embraced me and said "You were wonderful!" and I retreated "No I wassent, I was ok i guess, I missed one ...) Glen stopped me dead and stared at me with her razor's eye never once letting go of me and gave me a direct order "Just say thank you." Mesmerized in acknowledgment of her correction I realized gratitude over self deprecation. It was Mother Glen opening the skies for me and and decorating it with her smile.  A Life affirming experience I will always cherish.   Thank you Glen!  I love you for many reasons but the greatest is for showing me gratitude which is the acknowledgment of love and humility.  You are good enough.  You have what it takes.  Just say thank you.

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