Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tito Puente

LUGO and Tito Puente.

Opening night of Paul Simon's The Capeman was a magical evening, that was when I ment Tito Puente.  The Best part of the night for me was this moment and the look in my mother's eyes when she got to meet him and shake his hand.  She became a teenager right before my eyes. "That's Tito Puente!" she burst.  Tito Puente is the Original Mambo King.  He is responsible for multiple compositions on over One Thousand Recordings.

He served in the US Navy and Performed music for Kings and Queens, Presidents and Paupers.  He was magic when he played the Timbales.  The Meistro would make wild faces and as if possessed by the beat and stick his tongue out!   I remember when he played on our opening night.  He was on fire and along with Ray de La Paz, Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony and Frankie Negron they tore the house down.

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