Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Lugo working with Paul Simon on The Capeman.  

This moment in Broadway History is so dear to me simply because Marc was a part of it.  Marc is one of the best singers I have known personally.  A Superstar at the time of this photo Marc was the hottest Salsa Star in the world and he was such a great joy to be around.  Each day consisted of "What  was Marc doing?" and how we could be part of it.  Hanging in his dressingroom was a sought out honor.  I played him my music in his dressingroom and he loved listening to my songs. He took a special shine to me and trusted me enough to babysit his 4 year old daughter while he was on stage.  I remember how funny she was while I taught her how to eat sunflower seeds.  Marc was so Generous and took the whole cast to eat at Sardis the night before opening (a Broadway Tradition).  And of course the endless inspired Parties especially the ones at my brother Hector's 45th st Brownstone.  I understudied Marc in the show but he never got sick or missed a performance.  A true Professional.

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