Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paul Simon

Paul Simon and LUGO

I first met Paul Simon in 1998. It was the third Callback for show that he was producing called The Capeman for Broadway.  The moment I met him I knew that I had to be in the show. I noticed that he was small in stature but his energy could fill stadiums.  I asked my friend David Stolak to play guitar and if I could sing one of David’s original songs for Paul Simon. I knew that David was a big fan of Paul’s so he was more than happy to do it.  I never saw David or anyone for that matter more over the moon.  

Paul Simon, LUGO and Ray de la Paz. 

Since working with Paul I have never worked with anyone else who has been so generous financially, emotionally, musically and spiritually as Mr. Simon.  Everyone involved with the show knew that we were all dealing with genius. Paul was always on top of everything we did. We all were under heavy scrutiny from Paul and from especially the outside.   Media and Press were all over us all the time out for the scoop.  This was the first time popular music from the American vernacular was going to be adapted on Broadway, The first time Puerto Rican Latin music was going to be adapted on Broadway.  I believe that if it were not for Paul Simon other musical artists like Elton John and Billy Joel and all the other popular American music would have never come to Broadway.  Paul was the first.

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